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  • Chronic Pain and Fatigue Workshop

    Who is it for?

    The group is suitable for anyone who suffers from either chronic pain, chronic fatigue or from both. Pain and fatigue are deemed to be chronic when they have persisted for more than 3 months.

    What does it involve?

    The group runs weekly for 10 weeks. Each session lasts two hours, including a break in the middle. All our groups run from access-friendly location so they should be accessible to those with mobility problems. Some of the content we cover in this group includes:

    • Introduction to CBT
    • Pacing
    • Understanding pain and fatigue
    • Managing difficult thoughts
    • Learning to be kind to yourself
    • Acceptance
    • Worry management
    • Assertiveness technique
    • Developing a plan to help you move forward

    How do I access the group?

    To access the group, you need to refer yourself to Talk together Bromley and state that you are interested in accessing our group. You can either do so by filling out our self-referral form, by calling us on 0300 003 3000 or by asking your GP or other health professionals to refer you.

    You will be assessed by one of our therapists, usually through a telephone assessment. You may then receive an additional screening call from one of the group facilitators.

    Will it help me in managing my pain and fatigue?

    Our group participants often tell us that they find it helpful to be in a place with others who understand what it is like to suffer from chronic pain and/ or chronic fatigue. We have some testimonials below of previous group participants:

    ‘This service is extremely useful and I would strongly recommend it to anyone in my position. The staff are very kind, sympathetic and helpful.’

    ‘Positive ways of learning and looking at things, meeting lovely people who deal with same feelings.’

    ‘The CBT sessions have encouraged me to think about how I can manage my pain and lifestyle better and not feeling like I am constantly letting others down.’

    ‘Have found coming here extremely helpful on dealing with my help, the two ladies were so compassionate, professional and caring. Have benefitted well and will miss coming every week.’